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About Us

We are a design and branding group based in Khartoum, Our Passion is to bring brands to life through the best of what design provides, a distinct expression of a brand's position and value.

Web / Interactive

Giving your website a refreshing facelift can inject a new lease of life into your online presence and business. Whether its a cosmetic website redesign or you want to add more features and functionality, GraphiX can fulfil all your needs and more.

3D / Motion Graphics

Motion graphics combine both visual and auditory stimuli to cater to multiple learning styles and evoke stronger emotion than static imagery alone. Our motion graphics allow brands to present a single idea, process or key message in a captivating way.

Branding / Adverting

Effective brand identity design and strategy is something every business should think about, whether theyre a multi-national corporate giant or a local small business. In a world increasingly dependent on fast visual impact, having a strong brand is vital.

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